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Why Study Carpentry and Construction?

Construction is everywhere it seems, and whether the economy is good bad or simply holding steady, there is and always will be a need for new construction.  From residential homes and commercial buildings for one or several businesses to bridges, transportation systems and more, construction will always be a viable, profitable industry.  If you would like to learn more about how to enter the lucrative field of construction or obtain information on constructions degrees from accredited colleges and universities, 866MyMajor can help. 

Construction in the context of education is usually associated with project management or engineering.  Construction management degrees teach the principles of evaluating new, add-on or repair construction for cost, manpower, time, materials, subcontracting and licensing while also covering the sales aspect of putting together bids.  There are also several other options for employment within the field of construction, from inspectors and laborers to air and cooling systems technicians and beyond.  In most new construction projects, it takes the expertise of multiple firms and individuals to deliver the required finished product. 
If you’ve always wanted a career in construction, an accredited construction degree might be the right educational opportunity for you.  866MyMajor offers multiple degree programs in the field of construction, including HVAC, carpentry, cabinetmaking, surveying and more.  The positions associated with each certification or degree are as varying as the field of construction itself.  Click the programs that interest you from the menu above and request more information to get started today

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