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Why Study Phlebotomy Diploma?

Phlebotomy is the process of collecting sample specimens for urinalysis, blood tests and cultures. Phlebotomists must be skilled at drawing blood and following very strict regulations and procedures related to their job. The phlebotomy training and certification programs available through can help you enter the high paying world of phlebotomy, allowing you to start your career in as little as 6 months.

Phlebotomy training programs will teach you the complete venipuncture process, including patient identification, equipment selection, test labeling, requisition forms, order of draw, blood drawing methodology, patient aftercare and quality assurance. You’ll also learn how to properly store samples to be sent for analysis, whether across the hall or across the country.

Phlebotomy jobs are high paying, yet the education required to be eligible for them is minimal in comparison with several other healthcare field related positions. For this reason, many who wish to enter the field of medicine and earn a good living while they pursue further studies often choose phlebotomy training and certification. Browse our listings of phlebotomy programs today and request more information. You’ll be contacted by an admissions officer from each school you choose who can help you decide if phlebotomy is right for you.

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