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Why Study Security & Loss Prevention?

Loss of revenue from theft and vandalism is expected to cost U.S. retailers over 14 million dollars in 2007, up slightly from 2006. From the mall to the mom and pop, theft and vandalism are two very real threats to the security of businesses nationwide. If you have an interest in the exciting field of security and loss prevention, can help you find a degree program that can open the door to multiple careers.

Loss prevention used to be associated with watching multiple black and white closed circuit monitors and walking the retain floor with a mirror in a shopping basket. Today, the methods by which loss prevention agents work are far more complex. From tagging on expensive items to multi angle surveillance, the ways in which a potential shoplifter can be caught are many.

Loss prevention isn’t just about theft, however, it’s also about safety, security, employee background checks and so much more. A loss prevention and security degree program can make you eligible for careers in the corporate world, with retail chains and outlets and even with manufacturers and distributors. There are few enterprise level businesses in operation today that don’t utilize the services of a loss prevention specialist. Browse our loss prevention and security degree program listings today anhd request more information on those that interest you.

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