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Why Study Juvenile Justice?

Juvenile justice is a part of the criminal justice system that deals with young offenders, requiring specialized training and a different skill set than typically associated with law enforcement and corrections as they pertain to adults.  With a greater emphasis on state sponsored rehabilitation and education, juvenile justice presents a unique set of challenges in the process of reducing recidivism rates among convicted youth offenders. 

If you have an interest in juvenile justice, can point you toward the educational programs that will help you enter this highly rewarding field.  

Juvenile justice programs are centered on the issues that affect youthful offenders within their communities.  Gang violence, abuse, drug use and the effects they have on the adolescent population as well as intervention and prevention strategies are a large part of the early curriculum.  Law, incarceration measures and other options for youthful offenders are covered in the intermediate stages of the programs while community re-introduction, anti-recidivism programs and parole are the focus of the latter courses.

A typical juvenile justice program at the associate level can be completed in 18 months to two years, however, a bachelor degree is highly recommended for finding gainful employment within the field. 

Browse our program listing above and request more information on the juvenile justice program from Kaplan University.  You’ll be contacted by an admissions officer who can help you decide if juvenile justice is the right career path for you.  Get started today.

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