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Why Study Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription specialists are responsible for handling the paperwork associated with patient diagnosis for billing and insurance purposes. Medical diagnosis are performed through the use of a shorthand code unique to physicians and other care providers, and it’s up to formally trained medical transcription specialists to decipher and transmit the diagnosis onto various forms.

If you have an interest in medical transcription as a career, you’re probably already aware of the lucrative compensation and excellent employment rate for the position. With the baby boomer generation getting older and insurance companies further classifying each medical condition, the need for medical transcription specialists is at an all time high. With the right training from an accredited college or university, you can get started on a career you’ll have ample opportunity to grow in. offers free information on medical transcription training programs from fully accredited colleges and universities across the nation. You can browse our online options by clicking the links above or use the zip code search finder at the upper right corner of the page to see what’s available in your area. Request more information on the training programs that interest you today and get started on your future.

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