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Advantages and Disadvantages of an On Campus College

For the most part, there are three main reasons why people go to college: you're officially tired of your job and want to try something else, you just graduated from high school and want to continue your education, or simply, you want to earn more money. Whatever the case may be, there are some advantages and disadvantages of earning a college degree at an on-campus college or on-campus university that you need to know. First, some advantages of going to an on-campus college are having the one-on-one attention of your professor, studying at the campus library, meeting different people, going to the student union to hang out with friends or that special significant other, joining different clubs and organizations, playing a sport, or even sitting in a class setting. On the flipside, a big disadvantage of going to an on-campus college is rearranging your schedule to make it to class on time; however most colleges offer the same class at various times and days to help accommodate the student. So, in conclusion, if you enjoy the one-on-one attention from a professor, and meeting different people, then going to an on-campus college or on-campus university is right for you.

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After you receive an associate degree, you have the option of continuing another two years in a bachelor degree program which consists of taking another 60 plus credit hours in one of many programs offered by online and on campus colleges and universities. Then, after you have earned your bachelors degree, you can carry on another two years and take about 30 more credit hours and write a thesis paper to obtain a master degree. If a graduate degree isn't enough, you can continue going to school for an additional two-four years to obtain a doctorate degree. An online doctorate degree or on campus doctorate degree is very select, so make sure you check in our directory for colleges and universities that offer this degree.

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